Making Digital Transformation Work in the Cloud

Translating data into business value

MZM Technologies consultants have a strong experience in assisting organizations to turn data into valuable business insights through a systematic approach. MZM's well established BI and analytics guiding principles are high-level definitions of the fundamental values to guide and lay a foundation for subsequent work in this domain. These principles are intended to be enduring and not subject to frequent changes. Some of our key architectural principles for the BI and analytics are below.

MZM BI & analytics architecture is comprised of five capabilities: Data Acquisition, Data Integration, Data Storage, Data Abstraction and Data Presentation. It's capabilities promote separation of concerns between the way information is acquired, managed, and the way it is accessed. It allows information to be managed holistically while enabling access to appropriate users via the best means possible. These capabilities satisfy any BI or Analytics request including management reporting, predictive analytics, dashboards, modelling, forecasting, visualizations, trending, etc.