Making Digital Transformation Work in the Cloud

Cloud Datawarehouse: The way to go

MZM Technologies believe that data is the most valuable asset of any organization. The rise of digital data and its effective and holistics usage is the key differentiator between the leaders and laggers in any business vertical.

Rise of the cloud, explosion of data and diversification of Analytics is defining the future direction of data warehousing. Capitalizaing on these trends leads to huge business benefits such as:

  • No need for large upfront Capital investment
  • Better & quicker decision making
  • Unlimited performance and scale

To better assist potential clients, MZM Technologies has partnered with Snowflake, a market leading cloud datawarehouse vendor. Snowflake’s data warehouse is a true SaaS offering. More specifically:

  • There is no hardware (virtual or physical) for you to select, install, configure, or manage.
  • There is no software for you to install, configure, or manage.
  • Ongoing maintenance, management, and tuning is handled by Snowflake.
  • Snowflake runs completely on cloud infrastructure.

Snowflake’s architecture is a hybrid of traditional shared-disk database architectures and shared-nothing database architectures. Similar to shared-disk architectures, Snowflake uses a central data repository for persisted data that is accessible from all compute nodes in the data warehouse. But similar to shared-nothing architectures, Snowflake processes queries using MPP (massively parallel processing) compute clusters where each node in the cluster stores a portion of the entire data set locally. This approach offers the data management simplicity of a shared-disk architecture, but with the performance and scale-out benefits of a shared-nothing architecture.